Welcome to Unwind The Grind!

The insanity of the grind doesn’t just stop at 5:00 p.m. or begin at 8:00 a.m. For most of us, it is a 24-7 occupation.   Welcome to what we call “Life.” There are times we need to kick back and unwind, take moments to laugh at ourselves (OR the world), call bullshit while throwing out our best side-eye, realize it could be worse since we’re not on reality tv but just watching it, and find the gems that make each day just a little bit easier and more fun. That’s where UnwindtheGrind.com comes in. We’re busy, professional women too and sometimes we just need to throw it all up in the air to get us through the week. We’ll dish on all kinds of things you can do to unwind your own grind… to make life easier and bring extra bits of pleasure to yourself in the midst of all the insanity:

  • “Daily Agenda” Top Picks on our wish list that can help you unwind the daily grind
  • Recommended tunage that will help you jam through each week
  • A Forum for throwing it up like some biyatches during our Wednesday Vent Off
  • Secret and dirty intel in our Guilty Pleasures posts that will comfort you in knowing you’re not the only one out there day-dreaming during staff meetings of playing couch potato to watch Real Housewives, and
  • An abundance of sarcastic and witty posts on current events, office politics and media around the virtual world

In the end, we’re each just trying to do our best to not only survive but enjoy each day to the fullest. To do this well, we need to take moments to blow off steam, experience something new and fun, and unwind from it all.  Unwind the Grind is where you can do it – there ain’t no shame here!


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