Case of the Mondays Playlist – 2.24.14

It’s just been one of those weeks lately, and nothing brings my spirits up like Pitch Perfect. Seriously, if you don’t like this movie I think you need to get your head examined. I wasn’t sure about it either until a friend mentioned her love for the double-P and now I’m hooked having viewed it […]

Case of the Mondays Playlist – 1.6.13 – Songs of the Holidays

Since I wasn’t blogging over the holidays I wanted to get a post out there about songs that are my favorite to listen to during November and December. I got the new Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped Up in Red” CD with Christmas songs and let’s just say it was a rock concert practically everyday leading up […]

Case of the Mondays Playlist – 8.5.13 – Songs of Summer 2013

I was watching Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and the question that came up was what was the song of the summer. So I’ve decided to format my own Summer of 2013 Playlist. Some of these may have been on a recent playlist but I’m trying to keep most of these fresh. These are songs […]

Case of the Mondays Playlist – 7.1.13 – Celebrating Pride!

Yesterday, TRitchie and I attended Chicago’s PrideFest Parade and while it was amazing, it was also a reminder that we are definitely in our mid-30s vs our mid-20s. We nearly got crushed and pummeled to the ground while trying to make our way through the crowd while someone was screaming “It’s all about love!” all […]

Brighten Up Your Day with Flowers

I’m not one who can do this every day like one of those celebrities on MTV Cribs, but occasionally to spruce up my home I will get fresh cut flowers from the local grocery store, farmer’s market or florist (if I’m able to splurge). But I find the aroma of fresh flowers to be just […]

Case of the Mondays Playlist – 6.17.13

This week’s theme for music is all around mah love for Pharrell Williams. If there was an for music, I feel like Pharrell would be the George Clooney of it. This guy is attached to so many hits. The last month, both Robin Thicke and Daft Punk have released new albums, and guess who […]

Case of the Mondays Playlist – 6.10.13

As we gear up for Father’s Day next weekend, a great way to do an inexpensive gift with love it to create a CD mix (or back in my old school days it’s what we called a “mix tape”). When PD2 and I were dating we used to make each other mixes all the time […]