Case of the Mondays Playlist – 2.24.14

It’s just been one of those weeks lately, and nothing brings my spirits up like Pitch Perfect. Seriously, if you don’t like this movie I think you need to get your head examined. I wasn’t sure about it either until a friend mentioned her love for the double-P and now I’m hooked having viewed it in the double digits. This movie, and its soundtrack, is so good I permanently have it in my DVR because searching for the DVD takes too much time, people! Ha!


But here are some of the songs from the movie that I love and rock out to in the comfort of wherever I am alone because I’m sure my singing voice is like how someone once described Robert Patterson’s musical talents, i.e. a screeching cat.

Bright Lights Bigger City / Magic mashup – by The Treblemakers

Just the Way You Are / Just a Dream mashup – by the Bellas

Price Tag / Don’t You Forget About Me / Give Me Everything mashup – by the Bellas

Don’t Stop the Music – by the Treblemakers

(Photo Credit)



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