Courtney Loves Dallas, I Think I Might Love Courtney

As January rolls around, there is always a number of new guilty pleasures in television to add to your routine. For me, these typically come from the Bravo channel (PD2 always says I should buy stock in that company for the time I put into watching it…hmmmm, perhaps a 2014 resolution?) I had refrained from […]

Boxed Riesling Dreams and Wilted Rose Wishes! Smells Like Another Bachelorette Recap

Its episode 5 of America’s Least Favorite Pastime, The Bachelorette, and this week we’re crossing the Atlantic to stick in the faces of Europeans that while they may have culture, we have reality television. Go ‘Merica! This week the gang heads to Munich, Germany. Chris Harrison greets the guys and talks about everything that is […]