Case of the Mondays playlist 5.27.13 — In Thanks and Remembrance

This Monday and Memorial Day, sentimentality, pride and nostalgia ensue.  We remember loved ones and fellow citizens who have died in battle, fighting for this great county we love so much.  Here are a few songs that can aid in intensifying these emotions on both fronts.  Hopefully they’ll either help you take a few moments […]

Let’s Get Cray Cray this Memorial Day

I used to live in Southern California.  And I’ll never forget the first day I heard about a new burger place coming to town that was going to feature burgers in a whole new way. First, their burgers are made with 50% burger, 50% ground bacon.  Dramatic Pause.  Gasps ensue. i KNOW!  Heart stopping. That […]

Interested in becoming a CEO?

In preparation for Memorial Day, my boyfriend’s parents took us to a cooking class featuring meats and other delicacies prepared on something I had previously heard very little about…The most versatile cooking device ever…a grill, an oven, AND a smoker… Meet “The Big Green Egg” While my boyfriend’s sister’s husband has a big green […]