Top Picks to Get Summer Started

It’s getting to feel like summer (FINALLY!!!!) here in Chicago. And the weather has sparked my inner shopping bug, DIY’er and fashionista. Here are some summer picks that have caught my eye! Aztec Maxi Skirt by 3 Brunettes Boutique “The F World Cuff” from Stella Valle – Seriously, if money was no object this cuff […]

New Year, New Skin Care

Adopting a skin care regimen has been way too challenging over the years. Partly because I have uber-sensitive skin like Casper the friendly ghost. And partly because I refuse to spend a ton of money that coats my face with more perfume than actual cleaning components.┬áBasically if you picture Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter getup, you […]

The Perfect Product for the Perfect Fold

When I worked in retail I discovered the secret to how they always get the shirts on the tables folded so perfectly. It was like I had uncovered the holy grail when I realized I was not folding-challenged when it came to laundry, and that it was actually this magical folder product that was the […]

A Fabulous Summer Tote Bag for the Pool

This┬áChevron Tote Aqua Beach Bag is the perfect accessory for me to take to days at Lake Michigan this summer! Over at it’s only $25! Monogramming is free and you can select which color you want.

Getting The Perfect Curly Q

For better or worse, I’ve had naturally curly/wavy *cough*FRIZZY*cough* hair all my life. In my teens and college (in the 90s) I was not able to choose from a plethora of curl tamers when you’re growing up in the post-Aqua Age era. My only option was moose or gel, and while both helped contain the […]

Top Picks Dossier This Week for the Entertaining Dad!

To wrap up our series of Father’s Day gift ideas for our weekly top picks, we are diving into gifts that are easy to get and are all about keeping Dad entertained in his man cave. Some of these gifts are easy, so that if you don’t have time to do the online shopping and […]

Finger Fun That’s Eco-Friendly

This summer I’m looking for activities on the weekends should Mother Nature forget that it’s no longer April and is actually July. My little princess loves (did I say LOOOOOOVES!) to paint and do art projects. But sometimes you can worry about the types of paints and supplies to do crafts with. And I don’t […]