A Mini Meatloaf Recipe for the Man-Boy In Your Life

You remember Chaz from Wedding Crashers? If the image of Will Ferrell strutting it in his bathrobe doesn’t come to mind perhaps his signature line will. My husband loves that movie and what he loves even more is this recipe I have for goat-cheese and prosciutto stuffed meatloaf. The meatloaves are individually sized so you […]

Grilled Teriyaki Steak for Summer

In the summertime, almost nothing can beat a steak on the grill. And I really like to try different marinades but I don’t always like to get them from the store because I read the “nutritional labels” and see everything but nutrients. I also don’t have a lot of time to be Paula Deen or […]

Dessert Time! Apple & Cinnamon Enchiladas

After the weekend of crazy TV episodes, I need a treat to calm my nerves! A lot of times I skip out on making dessert at home because at that point I’m so exhausted from the long day of work, taking care of the kids and cooking dinner. But occasionally, I am willing to be […]

Super Easy Lemon & Garlic Butter Salmon

Last week I showed you all how to do easy asparagus bundles for the ultimate side dish that will make people think twice about giving you the side-eye for your cooking skillz. Now, here’s a main dish that is sure to give you restaurant-quality deliciousness when it comes to seafood. Fish of any type is […]