Three Men inspired by Apophyllite


This weekend I went to a fundraiser, and three men complemented me on the necklace I was wearing (featured in pic above).  Any time one man, let alone three, takes the time to speak out about an accessory, I know I must be onto something special.

Was it the alluring beauty of the necklace that drew the eyes of these three swooners?  Or, perhaps, the magical properties of the stone I selected, the apophyllite.  After all, apophyllites, generally, are said to release suppressed emotions and to heal the soul.  They are used to reduce fear and anxiety and to help make a decision and to solve problems.  They reduce stress and facilitate a state of deep relaxation.

And, the peach apophyllite, in particular, is said to release suppressed emotions! (Everyone knows that, deep down, most American men are dying to be more expressive with their accesorization!).


So, maybe it was the energy of the apophyllite that enticed.  I prefer to think it was neither the beauty of the necklace nor the enchanting properties of apophyllite but, rather, my own breathtaking appearance that inspired the compliments.  Only further sessions of compliment will tell…

In the meantime, despite the fact that the jealous, covetous, wretched portion of me wants to hide this extra-special Etsy Elf from the world, the giving side of my Gemini personality prevails.

And here she is ladies and gents…N.O.T.E jewelry.


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