Contributing Writers

Alias: BD

Motto/Quote: “I want to go on the record and say I have never urinated in public. But the night is still young.” – Amy Poehler

About: BD is a working mom, married to her husband, who she nicknamed PD2, and is currently writing from Illinois. She has a Master’s and Bachelor’s and primarily works in marketing, pr and graphic design. She loves all things, Recipes from both Pinterest & the Weight Watchers cookbook, Archivers & Card Making, anything reality television, stand-up comedy, celebrity gossip and most importantly her 3-year old daughter. She has also been referred to as a living entertainment encyclopedia, IMDB ain’t got nothing on her yah hear!


Alias: TR

Motto/Quote: You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.  ~ Mae West.

About: TR is a self-employed attorney, living in sin with her boyfriend of nine years, who unsuccessfully crash diets on a regular basis to allow herself to consume obscene amounts of amazing food and drink.  She possesses zero domestic ability, works her human Vitamix to juice each day for every last drop of awesomeness, and obsesses over international (and national!) adventure, lifestyle design, healthy living, fair trade goods, conscious consumption, non-traditional medicine, and, her guilty pleasure, ABC’s The Bachelor/Bachelorette.


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