You Look Like You Need to Be Dipped! The Bachelorette Men Tell Too Much

It’s the start of Summer and while, for some, that means the start of swimsuit season, for me and my besties it means the start of… dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn – The Bachelorette! (Or, as I sometimes call it, that time I watch crazy dudes until Bachelor Pad starts, and we get to the real cra-cra […]

A Fanny Pack that isn’t hideous?? Impossible.

My mom and I try to take at least one substantial trip a year together.  My mom loves to buy us matching bags before we leave for the trips.  One year she bought us these: And another year she got truly hideous HUGE old school black fanny packs from Walmart.   She fell in love […]

A Gift For the Ultimate Chef Dad

Was over on Esty and came across this cutting board that would be great for Father’s Day for a guy who’s all about cooking and preparing his meats for the grill. There are a ton more options to get a more personalized cutting board as well. They even have a guitar cutting board for the […]

The Perfect Necklace Guide

I love necklaces but as I graduated the 90s and high-school/college my preferred necklace length has dropped down dramatically from the once popular choker (so-Brenda-Walsh-90210-fashion). Now when I go to buy a new necklace I prefer to have it hang lower, Bohemia style.  Think Olsen-twins style, minus the ET-plays-dress-up-style that goes with the necklace. However, when it […]

Refreshing Pin of the Day – Flavored Waters

Drinking water is one of the best and quicker ways to feeling better. But due to the lack of taste it’s not always the easiest. I’ve tried those flavored packs and mixes but sometimes I’m hesitant because of the added sugars (and god knows what else!). Here’s a recipe I came across on Pinterest of […]