Movie Night In – This is 40

Since I’m over the age of 30 and a parent, my weekend nights are typically spent in and we try to do movie night. Especially tonight as I live in the midwest and it’s like negative-@#$@#%^$#%^-cold outside. Try to contain your jealously.

Tonight I’m watching This is 40 starring Leslie Mann (who is way underrated as a comedic actress) and Paul Rudd (who was on “mah boyfrien” list for years). But this movie is a classic in my opinion, particularly because it really does depict those inside jokes about life in a long-term relationship, career hiccups and dealing with family’s idiosyncrasies.

I was laughing so hard when Debbie is pleading with Pete as he is trying to take a picture with his iPhone on his under-carriage. “Can we just keep a small shred of mystery….please?” Seriously, the mystery is gone after decades together, which doesn’t make life boring but truly amusing.

For some reason on this movie is only rated at a 6.2, but I would definitely rate it as a 8/10.


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