Courtney Loves Dallas, I Think I Might Love Courtney

As January rolls around, there is always a number of new guilty pleasures in television to add to your routine. For me, these typically come from the Bravo channel (PD2 always says I should buy stock in that company for the time I put into watching it…hmmmm, perhaps a 2014 resolution?)


I had refrained from watching this new show Courtney Loves Dallas but then my friend Blair told me about it and I decided to give it a try. Because it’s not like I’m trying to cure cancer or save the world, so letsbehonest, what else is there to do? Courtney Loves Dallas is a spin-off show from Bravo’s canceled Most Eligible Dallas -aka, what my friends and I called Most Eligible Bald Spot inspired by one Matt “Hair Club For Men” Nordgren.

drew_ecigaretteDouchebags aside *cough*Nordgren*cough*, Courtney Kerr was one of the bright spots from the original show about singles in Dallas. Although the real star of that show was reigning queen Drew Ginsburg’s e-cigarette that would make the occasional appearance in the interviews.

But back to Kerr, who’s new show is about her life in Dallas, her blog What Courtney Wore, and her stories in family, friendship and dating. The show kind of feels like it’s trying to be a reality version of Sex and the City, and while it’s not as clever as that iconic series it does have a certain appeal making it more tangible. If you are female, like fashion, and can laugh at the adventures that come with singlehood and dating, then I think you should check out the show.

With it being only 30 minutes, it becomes the perfect amount of time to see some great clothes, laughing at the vapidness of club scenes (for instance, a DJ going to town on his spin table like he’s at The Limelight in NYC, but is actually in a sushi restaurant), and mocking douchebag guys who clearly don’t get it which all girls encounter in their 20s and 30s. (This last point reminds me of a time I sent back some guy’s business card in the mail to his office with a note that said “Thanks but no thanks”, but I’ll get to that story another time.)

Another reason I like the show is that you can get even more fashion on Courtney’s blog, What Courtney Wore which is currently at The thing I love about the blog is she does a great job of detailing her outfits on the show and linking readers to the fashion pieces so that if you see something on the show which you like you are directly connected to purchase it. An example, is this bracelet from Bauble Bar, a site I had never heard of until watching the show and which I now L-O-V-E.


I don’t know if I’ll be recapping Courtney Loves Dallas (let’s see how I do with The Bachelor first, shall we). But I’ll for sure post here and there about the show and the blog. I’m not expecting this show to change lives, but it’s quick, clean fun – you know, like Nordgren minus the clean and fun part. I’m really hoping in the episodes to come that 1) Tori continues to keep it real in her interviews, 2) we see more of Courtney’s closet and 3) somebody let’s Matt know the gig is up and we are on to his game, or really lack thereof.

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