Courtney Loves Dallas, I Think I Might Love Courtney

As January rolls around, there is always a number of new guilty pleasures in television to add to your routine. For me, these typically come from the Bravo channel (PD2 always says I should buy stock in that company for the time I put into watching it…hmmmm, perhaps a 2014 resolution?)


I had refrained from watching this new show Courtney Loves Dallas but then my friend Blair told me about it and I decided to give it a try. Because it’s not like I’m trying to cure cancer or save the world, so letsbehonest, what else is there to do? Courtney Loves Dallas is a spin-off show from Bravo’s canceled Most Eligible Dallas -aka, what my friends and I called Most Eligible Bald Spot inspired by one Matt “Hair Club For Men” Nordgren. Continue reading


Movie Night In – This is 40

Since I’m over the age of 30 and a parent, my weekend nights are typically spent in and we try to do movie night. Especially tonight as I live in the midwest and it’s like negative-@#$@#%^$#%^-cold outside. Try to contain your jealously.

Tonight I’m watching This is 40 starring Leslie Mann (who is way underrated as a comedic actress) and Paul Rudd (who was on “mah boyfrien” list for years). But this movie is a classic in my opinion, particularly because it really does depict those inside jokes about life in a long-term relationship, career hiccups and dealing with family’s idiosyncrasies.

I was laughing so hard when Debbie is pleading with Pete as he is trying to take a picture with his iPhone on his under-carriage. “Can we just keep a small shred of mystery….please?” Seriously, the mystery is gone after decades together, which doesn’t make life boring but truly amusing.

For some reason on this movie is only rated at a 6.2, but I would definitely rate it as a 8/10.

New Year, New Skin Care

Adopting a skin care regimen has been way too challenging over the years. Partly because I have uber-sensitive skin like Casper the friendly ghost. And partly because I refuse to spend a ton of money that coats my face with more perfume than actual cleaning components. Basically if you picture Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter getup, you have me – only that’s not clown makeup, for me that’s my skin. Yippee!


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Welcome to Juan-uary!


It’s a new year and a new day. Which means it’s time for resolutions which will expire in 30 days or less, putting away holiday decorations, and most importantly lining up your tv schedule with new trainwrecks to drool over. And while ABC denied me my Bachelor Pad this fall, they are coming back in 2014 like a bull in a china shop. Promoting their new “Juan”uary, ABC has 3 Bachelor-esque shows airing this month. BAM! Time to get my non-intellectual stimulating television on!

You can learn more about the future ex of Juan Pablo here. Juauary kicks off on January 5 – so only less than 1 day until I’m feeling better about my boring self on the couch on Monday nights. Whoo-hoo!

First up, on Sunday, Jan. 5 at 8 p.m., catch The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo and get an inside look at Juan Pablo’s life in Miami, and meet his 4-year-old daughter, Camila. The special will also offer a behind-the-scenes look at the casting process for hit show, as well as an introduction to a handful of the lucky ladies who will be fighting for Juan Pablo’s heart.

Here’s a preview of the premiere in what I like to call “Girl, pahlease. stop. yo’self.”

Later in the month there is a special airing the wedding of Sean Lowe & Catherine Webb on January 26. “The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Wedding ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”. And finally, in between on January 19 there’s a catch up on The Bachelor: Bachelor Love Stories, which I will reluctantly hate-watch and then stink eye myself in the mirror on why I wasted 1-2 hours of my life. Silver lining is that I know I won’t be alone. I’m hoping to start up my snarky recaps on The Bachelor starting next week (with this time actually completing the series!!!!) so stay tuned. Cheers till then!

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Case of the Mondays Playlist – 8.5.13 – Songs of Summer 2013

macklemore_concert_summerI was watching Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and the question that came up was what was the song of the summer. So I’ve decided to format my own Summer of 2013 Playlist. Some of these may have been on a recent playlist but I’m trying to keep most of these fresh. These are songs that just seem to be everywhere – the radio, the internet, videos on tv. Like I can’t escape them even if I tried.

Blurred Lines – by Robin Thicke

Radioactive – by Imagine Dragons

Can’t Hold Us – by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

We Can’t Stop – by Miley Cyrus (while not a huge Miley fan, the fact that her video is setting all kinds of record views, I can’t deny this being a hit)

I Need Your Love – by Calvin Harris w/ Ellie Goulding

Treasure – by Bruno Mars

Boxed Riesling Dreams and Wilted Rose Wishes! Smells Like Another Bachelorette Recap

Its episode 5 of America’s Least Favorite Pastime, The Bachelorette, and this week we’re crossing the Atlantic to stick in the faces of Europeans that while they may have culture, we have reality television. Go ‘Merica!


This week the gang heads to Munich, Germany. Chris Harrison greets the guys and talks about everything that is not in modern American dating rituals – excitement, culture, and romance. The guys enter their living suite, check out the views, and read the first date card which goes to Chris who does fist pumps to himself and in his words he “is jacked.” Simmer down, boy, don’t let everyone know like Ryan Seacrest that it’s your first time around a woman. (If you are familiar with Kathy Griffin’s standup, you will totally get that reference).

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The Perfect Product for the Perfect Fold

When I worked in retail I discovered the secret to how they always get the shirts on the tables folded so perfectly. It was like I had uncovered the holy grail when I realized I was not folding-challenged when it came to laundry, and that it was actually this magical folder product that was the key to perfecting crease success.


Over at Groupon today, I saw that they have a deal for Miraclefold Laundry Folder for only $19.99, plus free shipping. This deal probably won’t last long, so get it now if you’re looking to score a deal.

However, if the deal runs out you can grab a Miraclefold at Amazon for about $25.


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