It’s A New Day


I recently wrote to you about one of the biggest sacrifices in my life.  I wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new routine, prompted by my “friend” Kimberly Snyder and her new book The Beauty Detox Foods.

The routine has definitely not replaced the irreplaceable.  But, it seems to be helping me cope with my loss.  And, the good news, it is actually making me feel better.

Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, I do this:

Awaken.  Feel angry about awakening.  Mope my way to the kitchen.  Think about making coffee.  Pull coffee out of cupboard.  Conduct a silent argument with myself.  Put the coffee back (usually).   Pour cup of hot water.  Squeeze an entire medium sized lemon into the water.  Drink.  Take digestive enzyme.  Drink the following green smoothie (or a version thereof).

1 cup cold water, 3 cups spinach, 3 cups romaine, 2 big leaves kale, 2 big leaves swiss chard, two stalks celery, half of a cucumber, a small handful of parsley, small handful of cilantro, small pear, small apple, small banana.


300 calories, plus whatever the veggies add.  I find that I feel full but energized and awake.  And the lemon water, while a poor substitute for coffee, is very enjoyable.

Give the routine a try!  I think you will like it.  You can find this, plus many other great ideas on healthy, proactive consumption, in Kimberly’s book.


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