Brighten Up Your Day with Flowers

I’m not one who can do this every day like one of those celebrities on MTV Cribs, but occasionally to spruce up my home I will get fresh cut flowers from the local grocery store, farmer’s market or florist (if I’m able to splurge). But I find the aroma of fresh flowers to be just what you need if you’ve had a long week or the inside of your house is feeling dull. Don’t get me wrong I make use of air freshener products. But when I’m able to, fresh flowers make the house smell nice while also providing a wake up for your visual senses.


This weekend at Whole Foods I was able to get this arrangement of flowers for under $15.  It took one bundle of white hydrangeas (3 in the bundle) and then one bundle of purple/magenta pom flowers (5 in the bundle). Had an old vase in my cubbard, poured some water and flower food in the vase, cut the stems and pruned up the leaves….and voila – an arrangement that will spruce me up when I come home each day this week! 





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