Mr. White Is Back, YO!

Finally, Season 5 is upon us. One of my guilty pleasures is Breaking Bad, a show I avoided for some crazy @#$@#$#@ reason it’s first four seasons until we started to watch it on DVD last summer.

Representin’ the A-tothe-B-tothe-Q, YO!

I’ve patiently been waiting for the first half of Breaking Bad Season 5 to be released on DVD so I can devote a straight 24 hours to watching it and then be caught up for the 2nd half of Season 5 (which will end the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1) starting this summer.


I’m crazy addicted to it now (pun intended???) and have been literally been hunting out when this season would be available. Will Jessie find out about the plant in Walt’s backyard? Will Walter become badder than ever? Will Skylar recognize finally that she’s in the thick of it too? Will Hank connect a clue or ten? Will Jessie FINALLY refer to Mr. White as Walter?  UGH! I cannot wait to get to the end. Then I will curl up in the fetal position and cry that it’s over. Hmmm, no shame.




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