Catelyn Stark, You in Danger Gurrrrl!

I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones. I have refrained from reading the books because I don’t want to spoil the TV series. I’m notorious for reading books before movies and then I’m usually a bigger fan of the book (aren’t we all?), and so this time I want to hold off on the books until I’m done with the HBO series.



That said, MAN was I yelling at the TV this past Sunday when the epic “Red Wedding” scene from the books took place. “Catelyn, look out, GIRL!” Somebody was a genius to capture reactions in a montage for us all to laugh at ourselves. This was totally me on Sunday night:

(my favorite is the group of friends where the girl in the middle remains stone-faced and then smirks with glee at the camera while her friends are freakin’ out. Clearly she was the one who setup the camera on her friends – Hmmm, well played, gurl!)


From what I’ve read (trying not the spoil the scene any further) the scene on tv was “light” compared to the books.

I’m really sad to see the demise of some key characters, but leading up to the scene PD2 was hinting that something had to go down before the end of the season because there were way too many story lines to keep any relevant. Which is true – in anything in life if you try to tackle everything you risk completing nothing.



You could really feel the tengame-of-thrones-red-wedding-catelyn-starksion leading up to the scene and it started for me when Catelyn Stark kept looking around. It’s like she instinctly knew something was off. She was looking at Lord Frey and side-eyeing to herself “hmmm, shady bootz!” (which brings me to this AWESOME Catelyn Stark Tumblr)

The hardest thing for me was saying good-bye to mah GoT boyfriend #2, Robb Stark. Ugh! At least I still have Jon Snow!?!? Unless Ygriette gets in mah way (side-eye).


But man, what an ending and the fact they played no music and kept it silent rolling during the credits was a nice touch to an epic episode/scene. This is what I hate to love about incredible character stories. To keep the story memorable you need to make sacrifices, despite the risk of losing those along the way. Because in the end, a true fan of the story will ride the emotional rollercoaster with the characters going to the depths of fear, despair and suffering. It may be difficult, but as is life.

With that said, the Lannisters better get what’s owed to them – ten fold, starting with this biyatch:



Plus this post gives me yet another reason to listen to Fire & Ice yet AGAIN – ha!



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