Top Picks Dossier – This Week for the New Dad!


This week our Father’s Day gift ideas post is for the new dads and dads-to-be. We understand that adapting to parenthood can be an adjustment for anyone, so hopefully these are gifts that can help show the appreciation and love we have for dads everywhere.

Perhaps these gifts would not be for Al Bundy, but more so for brand new dad Jay Pritchett.

The Baby Owner’s Manual – at Amazon

First Father’s Day Art Print – Personalized Fingerprints at Niko & Lily (Etsy shop)

Music Dad & Baby Will Love – Rockabye Lullabies – personally we love the Guns & Roses version but they do have a Father’s Day Bundle for only $45

“I Pick U” Guitar Pick/Keychain and other personalized to Daddy items – from With Love from Lucille

a MAN’s diaper bag – that you can custom to a favorite sports team to make it extra “manly” at Amazon from Diaper Dude

Check out next week when we feature gifts to help entertain Dad! Happy gifting!



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