Daily Dream: Unrealistic Astronaut Aspirations

Richard Branson space ship

Today marks the anniversary of the first US space walk by Ed White in 1965.

While I wasn’t alive for this special moment in history, as a youngster, I participated in an equally monumental event…the debut of the movie Space Camp.  I knew instantly, upon watching Andie and Rudy deal successfully with their accidental launch into orbit, that I was created to fill this special mission…to wear a large helmet, to sport a cool suit, and to float around effortlessly in space.  I wanted to go to Space Camp so badly I could taste it.  But, alas, I was also the child who threw up after one circle on the ferris wheel and who had to sit staring straight ahead through the driver’s window because any deviation from boring behavior (attempt to read a book, play cards, etc) quickly ended in me suffering unrelenting and overwhelming motion sickness.

Astronauting wasn’t in the cards for me.

Nonetheless, the dream continues, and I think my astronaut aspirations could be best fulfilled by reserving a spot to travel into space with my good buddy Richard Branson.  Unfortunately, I’m about $250,000 short.  I think we should start a $1/person donation pool (no more, no less) and then swipe up and raffle off a trip to space.  Let’s not let the insanely rich have all the fun!  Who’s with me?!?  Keep your eye out for the $1 donation pool.  I’m going to look into this today and see if I can put the mechanics in place. (Does anybody know…is this legal?) In the meantime, dream away folks.  This could soon be you.

branson in plane


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