A Fanny Pack that isn’t hideous?? Impossible.

My mom and I try to take at least one substantial trip a year together.  My mom loves to buy us matching bags before we leave for the trips.  One year she bought us these:


And another year she got truly hideous HUGE old school black fanny packs from Walmart.   She fell in love with the convenience of the fanny pack, and then, worst case scenario manifested: the fanny packs never stopped coming.  All from Walmart.  All hideous.  Then she loves to giggle and take all kinds of pictures of me wearing said hideous bag.   So, in preparation for our trip to London and Paris in the fall, I took matters into my own hands this year.  For my mom’s birthday, I bought us both one of these:


I didn’t think a stylish fanny pack I’d be excited to wear was even a realistic option. But, I must say, this craftswoman magician over at Etsy truly does work miracles, and I feel super stylin as I strut myself around with this little ruffled piece of high fashion.  And, to top it off, this high fashion fanny is very practical.  Multiple pouches.  Secure zipper locations.  Pickpocketer averse.  Easy to use.  Fabulous.

If you, too, have a crazy mother attempting, on a regular basis, to embarrass you with hideous fanny packs, make a mad dash to Etsy.  You’d be surprised by how much ingenuity has recently gone into the fanny pack creation process.


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