The Perfect Necklace Guide

brenda_chokerI love necklaces but as I graduated the 90s and high-school/college my preferred necklace length has dropped down dramatically from the once popular choker (so-Brenda-Walsh-90210-fashion). Now when I go to buy a new necklace I prefer to have it hang lower, Bohemia style.  Think Olsen-twins style, minus the ET-plays-dress-up-style that goes with the necklace.

However, when it comes to shopping for necklaces on the internet vs. the store it’s hard to gauge visually what the length will look like when I actually go to wear it. Then I found this awesome necklace length guide on pinterest from  Now I never have to guess how the necklace will hang AND still get a deal by shopping online. BAM!

Hopefully this will help you out too!



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