A Girl Can Dream…


I don’t turn green very often.  But every time I step onto a plane, rage and envy mutate me into the Incredible Hulk as I’m forced to look down at everyone seated, so wonderfully comfortably, in their cushiony first class seats.  I’ve tried to walk through with my eyes shut before.  This didn’t work so well.


My mind shouts: “Will this ever happen for a girl like me???  How does a normal person EVER afford to fly first class??”

I know this is a small thing to put on my daily desired adventure post.  And, for many, flying first class may not be a true adventure.  But, for me, it would be spectacular.  Exciting, sensorily invigorating, and ego uplifting.  For once, I would be able to simply observe the poor schmucks walking down the aisle, through the curtain and into the ghetto.  And I would smile, sip casually on my gin and tonic, and recline for 9 hours of ecstasy.

I had one legitimate opportunity in my life to fly first class.  I was a poor law student on her way to Peru.  I was with a good friend.  There were problems with our seats and one of us was going to be upgraded.  Ever since, I’ve rued the moment I decided to be kind and giving.

Friends, I won’t ever make that mistake again.  In the meantime, anybody have good tips on how to sneak a regular girl into first class?


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