THEE Chardonnay That Haunts My Dreams!

montelenachardonnayI watched that movie Bottle Shock a few years ago knowing nothing regarding what it was really about BUT that it starred one of mah boyfriends, Chris Pine. However, I came for the C.Pine and stayed for the wine lesson, and became intrigued with the chardonnay featured.

I am so curious to try it. Here is more information on it over at Check it out!

Looks like you can order the wine through Amazon, but ultimately that takes you to external sites.  Grapefriend states it’s around $40 – $45, which is reasonable for a good bottle of wine. So perhaps I’ll order some and save for a nice anniversary or birthday dinner.

I’m not by any means a huge wine connoisseur. Of all the white wines, I’m a huge fan of either Chardonnay or Pinot Gris.  All this wine talk, though, reminds me of how I don’t really care for Sauvignon Blanc and how, when planning our wine selection for our wedding, PD2 referred to it as “skank wine” once – ha!  It was like that scene in Sideways where Paul Giamatti flips out over Merlot.

(image source)


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