Swimsuits for All, Literally!

swimsuits_dreadingSwimming season is upon us come next week and since I’ve passed the age of 25 I have dreaded it because I feel that unless I’m a size 0-6, swimsuits do not look good on me. OR the ones that do fit me are not stylish and fun.

However, this year I found this site called SwimSuitsforAll.com. The suits range from one pieces to bikinis and tankinis, and the sizes start at size 8 up to size 34. Yes, you read that right. And the suits are fun and colorful designs!

What’s even crazier is that the models for the swimsuits look like, get this – REAL.WOMEN. I remember reading about a Victoria Secret model’s crazy, extreme diet and she literally said she doesn’t eat anything but like liquids for 9 days prior. Hmmm, I work full-time, raise a family and take care of a house. I have to eat to have energy. Therefore selling me a suit based on starvation is not relevant to me. Thankfully, Swimsuits for All recognizes this.

I’m trying to decide which suit I want. Totally torn between these two:



Hopefully you’ll have an easier time than me selecting a new suit!

(image source)


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