Push Ups


Rarely was I filled with a rage so vast as in the nineties when Billy Bo Banks, a man purporting to be my leader, my cheerleader and my friend, would tell me, just as I felt I was about to vomit and/or pass out, “Come on, you can do it…reach deep within yourself to that higher power…only 7 more reps to go!”  Only to then laugh, smile a slick smile, and announce right at the end of the rep set  “Just Kidding!  hahaha!  one more set.  hahahaha!”

Pure Torture.

I used to spend hours doing cardio like this…boxing, stepping, running on the treadmill, walking on the treadmill, doing the eliptical.  And, nowadays, I still fall into these patterns from time to time.  However, the busier I became, the harder I searched for shorter, effective workouts…working smarter, not longer.  At one point, I got advice from my favorite personal trainer of all time (a great concept I wish was replicated in more cities) that if I was going to do two particular exercises (and that’s it), they should be push ups and squats.  Every day.

I’m someone who, thinner or fatter, has never been able to do even one real push up in great form.  The thought of multiple push-ups (in a row!!) seemed unreal and inconceivable to me.  So, I never did any.  Until recently.

Then I purchased an app on my iphone called Fitness Guru: Hundred PushUps.  And decided to give it a go.  Knee push ups were all I had in me; I started with those.  All I have to say is — Hallelujah!  A monkey really can fly.  I did almost 200 push ups in a very short period of time.  I’m now starting the whole program over with real push ups.  This will be tough, but I’m bound and determined.  Fitness Guru now has similar plans for abs, glutes, and squats, so I’m starting each of these as well.  All told, under 15 minutes every day.

The true beauty of the program is that it takes only a few minutes at some point during your day.  So, for all of us busy women, this is something you can literally do in a 10 minute office break.  I’ve done over one hundred push ups, in a suit, on the floor of my law firm office.


Halfway through the ten week routine, my right wrist started hurting horribly.  I saw my doctor, searched for solutions, and ultimately found that these bars provided me the most relief while still allowing me to continue my routine.  If you find yourself struggling through this issue as well, please give the bars a try before you give up on the routine altogether.

Take a moment to Unwind Your Grind during the day with a few minutes of “Me Time” and make yourself an even healthier and happier individual.  The rewards are worth it!



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