Zap Away!

Image The moment of horror arrives…you get out of the shower, awakened, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day.  And then you look in the mirror.  Gasp!  A large red bump protrudes from your cheek, taunting and teasing you into instant misery.    You have many options at this point…you can glob on some toothpaste, apply some expensive zit reduction cream, or make an appointment to head into the dermatologist to see if there is something to be done.

But, for most of us busy women, we don’t want to look bad, waste money or spend time taking care of these issues.  We need something that allows us to address the issue effectively while leaving our pocket book and our personal lives untouched.

Enter the Tanda Zap.  For under $50, you can quickly possess a magical blue light that will immediately lessen that little red bugger and quickly accelerate its extermination.


Caution:  it is not a miracle worker.  It does not make your zit vanish instantaneously, there is some effort that goes into it (you have to hold it on the spot of the blemish for about two minutes at a time which IS annoying), and you have to use it repeatedly throughout the day for a few days.

But, having used this over 50 times now (yes, unfortunately, I do get that many rogue blemishes), I can say with pure confidence that the Tanda zap lessens the redness of a blemish and accelerates (significantly) its departure.   To me, it is absolutely worth the money and effort.

Give it a try.  Let us know what you think!


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