Interested in becoming a CEO?

In preparation for Memorial Day, my boyfriend’s parents took us to a cooking class featuring meats and other delicacies prepared on something I had previously heard very little about…The most versatile cooking device ever…a grill, an oven, AND a smoker…

Meet “The Big Green Egg”


While my boyfriend’s sister’s husband has a big green egg (and is, apparently, obsessed with it), I never really gave it much consideration (or credence) before this class.  I figured it was just another gizmo that produced an okay piece of meat depending on the chef of the moment.

Boy, how I was wrong.

Ray, a seventy-something CEO (Chief Egging Officer), taught me this lesson by slapping some serious deliciousness on my plate:  succulent grilled shrimp, crunchy mini-reubens (!!!), crisp flavorful pizza, seasoned meatballs wrapped in bacon, unbelievably delicious chicken wings, expertly cooked medium-rare ribeye, the best pulled pork shoulder of my life, and, most surprisingly, perfectly moist and delicious bundt cake.

Honestly, it was one of the best “meals” I’ve had in a while.  And it was all made (at least in part), right in front of our gaping mouths.

Check out this page of recipes of things you can make on the BGE….holy cowza!.

I don’t know if the amazing things I devoured were the result of the egg itself or Ray’s amazing cooking skills, but he swears it is the former.  Based on this, and the fact that Ray isn’t in the business of selling green eggs, I’d highly recommend that anyone in the market for a new grill or a new goal give the BGE a close look.

With one small purchase, you’ll soon be able to whip up some food to make your loved ones really love you back.  And, in the true spirit of avoiding the corporate climb, in a few short years, you, too, may earn the title of CEO!


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