Who You Calling Crazy, Girl?!?!?!?

I’m a sucker for a tabloid. Seriously, I have like 20 gossip/tabloid blogs on my bookmarks. And everytime I’m in line at the grocery store, hit up that cart with two more tabloid magazines!!! Yes, I have no shame.

I came across this profile on Buzzfeed and it is starting to make me think. Celebrity tabloids and gossip is targeted strictly to women, and it is kind of messed up that the majority of topics on those magazines are framed to talk about how crazy women are. AS IF there’s not a slew of crazy, drug fueled, egomaniac men out in Hollywood to write about (Alec Baldwin, Shia LaDouche, Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Cruise, Leo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Foofy-Foo, the list goes on).

usweekly_demiLike why is Taylor Swift lambasted for being a crazy boy chaser who can’t handle break ups because she writes songs about her exes??? (She’s like 20, she’s supposed to be boy crazy at that age, people!) BUT, the twice-her-age-skank known as John Mayer gets a free pass from being tabloid fodder. Why does Demi Moore land 8 covers for having trouble dealing with divorcing her cheating husband (on their anniversary no less – classy, ASShton), who clearly took advantage of her fame and wealth to elevate his, but he’s treated as “aww shoot, he made a mistake. i guess boys will be boys” throughout their break-up.

Double standard, say whaaaaaaaaaaaat! I mean I’m not going to stop enjoying celebrity gossip – I’m not THAT crazy, ha! I just want to point out how sick we can be that we put ourselves in situation where we are taking in information that is skewed not to be healthy for us. Ah, this crazy world we live in. But at least I’m not a reality housewife and only the person who snarkily watches from the comfort of her couch.


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