Case of the Mondays Playlist – 5.6.13

dancers_lalapaloozaThis week’s playlist is a bit late, but I’m scatter brained and all over the place. So don’t be surprised as this playlist is a little eclectic and goes in a variety of genres.  Some of these songs I’ve grown to love despite initial hate – I’m side eyeing you, Alabama Shakes – and others are gems I’ve found by going down the musical rabbit hole known as Spotify.


Hold On – Alabama Shakes

It’s Time – Imagine Dragons (I feel like this song has been used in every movie trailer lately)

Die Young – Ke$ha (I know, I know. It’s her. But seriously, I cannot help but turn Ke$ha on if I need some music to get me pumped up and through a workout or a project).

And the Storm Ends – Snow Patrol (a hidden gem I discovered by seeing the Epic trailer a bagillion times)

Bangarang – Skrillex (ft. Sirah). – which brings up, have you seen the tumblr for chicks who look like Skrillex. Hmmm, you’re welcome. Part of me is jealous that I’m too old to do something like this with my hair. The dilemmas of being an adult but a rebel outcast at heart.

(image source)


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