Top Picks Dossier – Time Saving Products for Women on The Run (sometimes literally!)

women_buried_at_workI don’t know about you but I’m constantly (more like CONSTANTLY!) on the go. The idea that I have time to shop let alone browse has become more of a concept than a reality as I have devoted more of my time and day to my career, family and home. And I’m not here to say in some whimpering voice “well, to have it all you just need to….” Umm, Stop. It.

I don’t need advice. What I need is direction. I don’t need someone to tell me that I need an organizer to help my day. No #@$@ sherlock [insert backsnap here]. What I need is for someone to tell me, “Oh, you’re day is like this. Well this is the organizer that could fit that.”  I don’t have time to consider a concept I need and shop around. Trust me, life would be great if I was Jane Jetson and could just wake up to slap on a new face with a push of a button. But too often that is how work/life balance “advice” is positioned to busy women. Hmmmm, right.jane_jetson_mask

And I know I’m not alone. Women are just too busy these days to have idle time laying around to go on wild goose chases when it comes to shopping.

That’s where these top picks come into play. Our team at Unwind the Grind finds and recommends picks for you. We’re busy professional women ourselves and work in all kinds of industries, and so hopefully what we find as great products to help us with the grind, you will find beneficial as well. We’ll post products every week ranging from things you can use in the office, at home, during your “me time” and so on.

beauty_tool_organizerThis week, here are some products that can help us with time and organization – from apparel we don’t have time to shop for to products that help us in the littlest of ways:

1. Cakestyle – Personal Shopper / Stylist for Women –

2. Trunk Club – Personal Shopper / Stylist for Men – (for when you need to shop for the special guy in your life)

3. Preppy Princess – Day Planner / Agendas with Style! –

4. iPhone & Credit Card Holder (this way I can go get coffee with one handheld) –

5. Hair Care Valet – I want this so badly for my bathroom and my vanity drawers would thank me! –


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